Marleen ★ stylist / buyer & co-owner

As a stylist and buyer for the shop, I run the web store together with my boyfriend Thomas. Every day feels like a party once you've found what makes you happy jobwise! Of course it is hard work as an entrepreneur and you can never really switch off, but there is so much positivity in return. We've managed to build a nice team around us and so many plans and dreams for the future! We have been working for almost 3 years now and I'm still learning every day, especially when it comes to purchasing and the socials, it's never a dull day. 2020 will be a special year for us, we're expecting our first little one in January and we will get married in France. Furthermore, you can find me in town on Saturdays, scrolling all the socials and McDonald's is still my guilty pleasure.

What the squad says about Marleen: 'My sushi twinnn,’ ‘Always creative,’ ‘Our girlbossmommy (to be)!’

Harvey ♡ office dog

Our little curly-haired friend that answers to the name of Harvey, well … sort of "answers" ... lol! If there's sliced chicken or a tennis ball up for grabs you can count him in. Harvey is a ray of sunshine in the house, every day he comes to the office together with Marleen and greets the girls with hugs and kisses. He always puts a smile on our face. His favorite daily job? Taking power naps on the couch & joking around with the girls.

What does the squad say about Harvey: ‘The cutie pie award goes to… ;),’ ‘moemoe,’ ‘Love your cuddles every morning,’ ‘Mr. Cute face.’

Yazz ★ grafisch vormgever/ online marketeer

I am the graphic designer and online marketer in the babesquad, also known as ‘the girl with the great hair’ ;). The day starts with a nice cup of tea and checking the running ads and website statistics. Then it's time to get the creative juices flowing and give the left side of the brain some rest. In between the serious business there's always time for fun or the latest gossip. The inevitable traffic jams home are interspersed with chatting along with the 00's and eagerly listening to true crime podcasts. In the summer you can spot me at festivals across the country and in the winter, I'm usually shopping online under a warm blanket.

What does the squad say about Yazz: 'Is it time for drinks yet?’ ‘What you see is what you get,’ ‘Yazz is always up for a good party!’

Rosy ★ logistics manager/ customer service

Sinds augustus versterk ik The Babesquad. Het zorg dragen voor klanten is mij op het lijf geschreven door mijn toch wel zorgzame karakter en daarnaast mijn passie voor fashion. Het liefst zorg ik dat ik elke dag met een ‘big smile’ het kantoor binnenstap! Je vindt mij in mijn vrije tijd dansend op festivals, met mijn arm vol tassen in de stad op zoek naar de perfecte outfits of omringd door mijn familie of vriendinnen, en dan het liefst onder een dekentje op de bank met een kop groene thee en een zak blauwe M&M’s. Als stiekeme hobby is ze ‘personal stylist’ voor o.a. haar zus en haar eigen lover.

Wat zegt de squad over Rosy: 'Always in a positive mood!’ ‘Biggest smile,’ ‘This girl is fanatiek as hell!’

Emma ★in-house photographer

I joined the The Babesquad in August. Taking care of customers suits me perfectly because of my caring character and my passion for fashion. I like to enter the office every day with a 'big smile'! In my spare time you'll find me dancing at festivals, in the city armed with shopping bags looking for the perfect outfits or surrounded by family or friends, and then preferably under a blanket on the couch with a cup of green tea and a bag of blue M & M's. As a side hobby she is a 'personal stylist' for her sister and her own lover.

What does the squad say about Rosy: 'Always in a positive mood!’ ‘Biggest smile,’ ‘This girl is one hell of a fanatic!’

Reda ★ logistics

I joined the team as a logistics employee in January. Working In logistics, I make sure that all incoming items are registered and that items are prepared for sale via the website. Every day we get new articles, but every day is different here. This cheerful team provides a lot of fun. In my spare time you can find me shopping in the city or grabbing a bite to eat somewhere. But I also like to stay on the couch with a book and a nice cup of tea.

Jill ★ photography intern

In February I started my internship at Folc and joined the photography team. I study at the Graphic Lyceum and am now in my second year. While shooting on location and in the studio, I feel completely at home and my creative brain gets put to good use. In my spare time you'll find me every day on the beach or in the gym training for my other passion, volleyball and beach volleyball. On Saturday nights you can often find me working behind the bar or in town with my friends. But secretly I also enjoy an evening of Netflix on the couch with one of my favorite snacks.